Tag your contacts as you browse LinkedIn

Easily create tags and assign tags directly on LinkedIn

CherryPick's Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, enabling you to tag your contacts as you naturally navigate through the platform.

Install Chrome Extension

Manage and export

Effortlessly Review and Export Tagged Contacts

Access your CherryPick dashboard anytime to navigate and manage your tags and associated contacts. With our flexible export feature, easily transfer your curated contacts into any system you use.

It's for everyone

CherryPick streamlines your workflow, bolstering the efficiency of professionals across a wide range of industries.

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HR, Recruiters and Team Managers

Map out talents for job openings

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Easily map out potential clients

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Sales Reps & Managers

Keep track of leads

Founders icon

Entrepreneurs & Founders

Follow up with prospects and investors

Marketers icon


Segment contacts by interests

Consultants icon


Categorize contacts for future outreach

Students icon


Keep track of contacts for career opportunities and mentors

Job Seekers icon

Job Seekers

Quickly identify contacts that can help in the job search

Getting started is easy

Learn more about how CherryPick can fit the professional and personal needs of everyone.

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    Install Google Chrome Extension

    That's how we add CherryPick controls to your LinkedIn.

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    Create your CherryPick account

    It's easy. Email and password only.

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    Browse LinkedIn as usual

    CherryPick functions will appear as you navigate LinkedIn

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    Enjoy CherryPick

    Create and assign tags to your LinkedIn contacts. Export lists.

What people have been asking...

Read some of the frequently asked questions, the good old FAQ:

What is CherryPick?

CherryPick is a Chrome extension designed to help you effortlessly organize, tag, and manage your LinkedIn contacts for better networking and professional growth.

Why did you build CherryPick?

We built CherryPick to address the lack of effective organizational tools on LinkedIn. Our aim is to make professional networking more efficient and less time-consuming, enabling users to maximize the potential of their connections. By providing a simple yet powerful interface for tagging, searching, and exporting contacts, CherryPick serves as a bridge between LinkedIn and other CRMs or networking tools.

How do I get started?

After installing the Chrome extension, CherryPick's interface will appear on your LinkedIn page. From there, you can start tagging your LinkedIn contacts as you browse.

Who can use CherryPick?

CherryPick is perfect for professionals in HR, sales, recruiting, and anyone looking to organize their LinkedIn network more efficiently.

What are the key features?

Besides letting you tag and organize all your LinkedIn contacts, CherryPick currently offers search capabilities, the ability to easily export your tagged contacts, all in a user-friendly dashboard. In the future we will offer Zapier integrations and an API key for extended functionality.

How do I export my tagged contacts?

CherryPick allows you to easily export your tagged contacts in CSV or JSON formats, ideal for integration with existing CRMs or other professional tools. In the future we will offer Zapier integrations and an API key for syncing your contacts to any other database or list.

Is CherryPick Free?

Yes, right now CherryPick is completely free. We will offer advanced features soon, only available for our upcoming Premium subscription.

How secure is my data?

Your data's security is our top priority. We strictly adhere to LinkedIn’s guidelines and offer a secure, ad-free environment for our users. Your data is never sold to third-parties.

Why does CherryPick request permissions to monitor my browser activity?

CherryPick is active solely when browsing LinkedIn, and requires certain permissions for optimal functionality:

  • Personally identifiable information: Only for account setup and personalization.
  • Location: To refine our service based on user demographics.
  • User activity: Exclusively to enhance in-app functionalities on LinkedIn.
For more details, read our Privacy Policy.

Can I use CherryPick with my CRM?

Absolutely. CherryPick is designed to act as a bridge between your LinkedIn account and any CRM, making it easier for you to integrate your professional contacts. Once you export your contacts, you can easily import them on any CRM you use, or any other system for that matter.

Is CherryPick compatible with my device?

CherryPick is a Chrome extension and is compatible with desktop Chrome browsers on both Mac and Windows operating systems. At this time, it is not available for mobile or other web browsers.

How do I get support?

You can reach out to our support team via email at support@cherrypick.com for any questions or concerns.